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Since my post yesterday about my Yarn Letters I have been troubled by the picture of my mantel from a distance. You see, there is a hole in my decor scheme that has been biting at me for the last 20 hours. I was continuing my work on Missy’s platform bed today, but my mind was sitting on my mantel, wondering how to fill the gap. So, for all of you who saw it and detected a note of dissatisfaction but couldn’t quite put your finger on the culprit, ponder no longer–my finger has landed on the issue.

I’ll keep you posted (as usual) on the solution. I can always come up with something.

There's something missing riiiiiight here.



About Kristen Van Loon

My name is Kristen Van Loon and this is the chronicle of my search for *Oomf!* Not only have I deemed myself qualified to revamp, repair, refurnish and refine my house, but I also jump into any DIY project that my friends, co-workers, family and practical strangers stumble upon. I would love to tell you that this is my full-time job and my complete life mission, but I make my bread and butter elsewhere and raise a daughter (Olivia). I have some experience but no time, no formal training and no money. My only saving grace is that I love figuring things out, I’m great at improvising and I’m always inspired. For the record, some things that I do (play with electricity, for one) may seem risky, and some of them are. I will always tell you what I’ve done, but I won’t ever suggest things for you that aren’t safe. Even though I push the envelope, I am only marginally incompetent. If sources (father, my brain, Google) tell me not to do something then I usually won’t. But if I do try and it blows up in my face (figuratively or literally) you will hear all about it, and you hopefully won’t attempt it. At the end of the day, I hope to inspire you. Space-Lift isn’t just a blog, it’s a verb. It’s an action that brightens your surroundings by assaulting everything that needs improvement. Nothing is off limits, and all possibilities will be considered.

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  1. Although the green base is beautiful, perhaps a tall thin vase could exchange places with it to balance out the height instead of an additional item on the mantle???

    Love you good luck!

    • Why don’t you put the clock that is resting on the mantle up. I really think it would look better up than sitting and I also like the tall vase idea, Years ago I had a tall thin green vase and of course I got rid of it 😦

    • I was thinking of doing an exchange over an addition, but I don’t want to spend any money so that limits me. I like the idea of a tall vase, maybe I’ll find a steal of a deal at Marshall’s.


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