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Silence Is Painful

I realize that updates have been few and far between. I would love to tell you that it’s for some fancy reason like I am traveling looking for ideas, or scouring the local flea markets for new, cost effective materials, but that’s not the case. (OK that’s a lie, I am always doing both, but I only “travel” within a 40 mile radius.) But the REAL reason I haven’t been keeping up on what I’m putting down (catchy right? I should write songs for Tweens) is because my hands look as though they have been pecked by angry pigeons and typing hurts a little more than it use to. Oh, it’s a long tale, but pictures always help.

It all started with this table. Kyle’s mom had given it to him and I’ve never been a huge fan, but I thought I could make it lovely. It’s just that darn veneer over the top of the wood hurt my sensibilities like an arrow to my right (or left) eye. But what better way to get it off than to use a crowbar and chip away at it with a putty knife?

I was off to a good start, but my luck soon ran out. The chipped edges were easy, but the wood that was attached in the middle was SO stubborn that even my box cutter couldn’t peel away more than millimeters at a time. It would get things started, then I would hammer the putty knife into the crevice until it would slide, skid or jam and cause my hand to scrape, knick or straight up slam into the table. Needless to say, progress isn’t pretty.

And if you can believe it, this was taken before the worst of it happened. You see, after this picture I lulled myself into thinking that putting on thin cotton gloves would actually protect my hands somehow whenever they slid full speed into the table. Yeah, not so much. It was so ridiculous that I literally cleaned blood drops off the floor. I would analyze this whole situation as 60% determination, 30% gradual frustration, 10% thickheadedness.


I don’t want to give away any surprises (or get up from the couch to take photos) so I’m not going to post any of what the table looks like now without the veneers. But there is one more picture that I would like to share of the final message the table had for me…

Is it just me, or is my table flipping me off?




About Kristen Van Loon

My name is Kristen Van Loon and this is the chronicle of my search for *Oomf!* Not only have I deemed myself qualified to revamp, repair, refurnish and refine my house, but I also jump into any DIY project that my friends, co-workers, family and practical strangers stumble upon. I would love to tell you that this is my full-time job and my complete life mission, but I make my bread and butter elsewhere and raise a daughter (Olivia). I have some experience but no time, no formal training and no money. My only saving grace is that I love figuring things out, I’m great at improvising and I’m always inspired. For the record, some things that I do (play with electricity, for one) may seem risky, and some of them are. I will always tell you what I’ve done, but I won’t ever suggest things for you that aren’t safe. Even though I push the envelope, I am only marginally incompetent. If sources (father, my brain, Google) tell me not to do something then I usually won’t. But if I do try and it blows up in my face (figuratively or literally) you will hear all about it, and you hopefully won’t attempt it. At the end of the day, I hope to inspire you. Space-Lift isn’t just a blog, it’s a verb. It’s an action that brightens your surroundings by assaulting everything that needs improvement. Nothing is off limits, and all possibilities will be considered.

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