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Tie One On and Light One Up

It's hiding.

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I don’t want to spend money…on anything…ever. So it should be no surprise that I continue to rescue all of the random furnishings that the sellers left behind.

Case in point, the shy tension lamp to the left. I didn’t take a legit “before picture,” but I did happen to find  an old photo that at least had half of it. As you can see (sort of) the lamp is stationed in a basket which is filled with pinecones. This photo was taken in my garage, which is where the sellers had housed it and incidentally where I housed it all through the winter.

Here’s a more recent close-up.


First, I sprayed the metal with white vinegar and rubbed it down with steel wool to remove the largest rust chunks. Next, I taped the brass parts around the bulb area that were still in good shape and spray painted the whole thing purple.

Oh, and this is where even more money-saving occured. I used the rest of the paint that I used to paint my nightstand, so right away I saved some cash on paint. I didn’t use that same paint JUST for the sake of a couple bucks, I also wanted to have a cohesive look in my bedroom so I used the same color to tie it all together.


My tree was so pissed off at me for painting him purple. He insists purple makes him look fat, but I just tell him he needs to slow down on the Oreos.

Once that was spray painted and spray sealed I moved on to the old, yellow-tinted globes that were also stored on the lamp inside the garage.Oh yes I did!

I decided that this brown/yellow didn’t look good with purple IN THE LEAST so I slopped furniture stripper all over them and wiped them down with a Brillo pad block. It worked like a fantastic charm.

I can see clearly now.

Once everything was clean and dry I moved it all up to my bedroom…then I was the one that got super P.O.’d.


You can see that it’s looking a bit short. This lamp is essentially a tension rod that runs from floor to ceiling. BUT that doesn’t work if your rod is too long or short for your ceiling’s height. Here you can see that I totally removed the top half because it was too tall with it on, but obviously it’s much too short when it’s off. So I had to do a little thinking and I just decided to take the top piece of the rod and turn it over so the part that usually goes up to the ceiling was stuffed inside the connected pole. It’s not AS sturdy as it normally would be, and there ended up being a funky rim around the middle where the top post (being so thin) didn’t fit snuggly inside the bottom pole because I inverted it. But I just wrapped some fabric around it like a good ol’ fashioned May pole. It does have a bit of a small town, hokey feel (in fact my sister said it looked like it should be in a town square during the Springtime social), but the jokes on her because I take that as a compliment. That “cottage nostalgia” theme really is the feel that I wanted for my bedroom…

…..Quant, cozy, and a bit silly.

Ohh My

My whole bedroom is starting to come together. Piece by piece, my tranquility will come…maybe not soon enough…but it will come.

Bigger view.

…Which is really quite amazing to think that peace and quiet could ever make it to me when I have these yahoos (Olivia and my sister, Stephanie) running amok all over this joint.

Sure, they look all cute and cuddly NOW.

Next project? Painting my dang ceiling. You have no idea just how shabby a ceiling can look (I just thought it was a little rough) until you’ve been staring at it for 25 minutes trying to get a tension rod to fit. You don’t have to test my theory,

just take my word for it.



About Kristen Van Loon

My name is Kristen Van Loon and this is the chronicle of my search for *Oomf!* Not only have I deemed myself qualified to revamp, repair, refurnish and refine my house, but I also jump into any DIY project that my friends, co-workers, family and practical strangers stumble upon. I would love to tell you that this is my full-time job and my complete life mission, but I make my bread and butter elsewhere and raise a daughter (Olivia). I have some experience but no time, no formal training and no money. My only saving grace is that I love figuring things out, I’m great at improvising and I’m always inspired. For the record, some things that I do (play with electricity, for one) may seem risky, and some of them are. I will always tell you what I’ve done, but I won’t ever suggest things for you that aren’t safe. Even though I push the envelope, I am only marginally incompetent. If sources (father, my brain, Google) tell me not to do something then I usually won’t. But if I do try and it blows up in my face (figuratively or literally) you will hear all about it, and you hopefully won’t attempt it. At the end of the day, I hope to inspire you. Space-Lift isn’t just a blog, it’s a verb. It’s an action that brightens your surroundings by assaulting everything that needs improvement. Nothing is off limits, and all possibilities will be considered.

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  1. You’ve rescued an object so unloved the original owner left behind. A little paint, a lot of scrubbing, now Cinderella is dressed for the ball. Virginia


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