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Re-Post Lamppost

So I’ve gone and done it again! Something was just irking me about my new tension rod lamp (or as I like to call it, my lamppost.)

Ohh My

I had updated it and put it in my bedroom. Everything felt right initially, but then it all started to feel wrong. We never used it because it was in the corner, it started to feel too garish for my decor, and eventually I felt it was a bulky eyesore.

YES! I changed my mind in an epic way! But I felt it was such a shame to attempt to salvage a piece and then never use it; that was exactly what was happening. PLUS it wasn’t as stable as it should have been. I had to rig it because my bedroom ceiling is shorter than the lamp can handle; I’d taken pieces out and put them back in backward and upside down to try to force a fit. It just all could have been better.

So, once again, I hauled that poor piece of metal and glass outside for a coat of SILVER PAINT!

Quite honestly….that’s all I did. I just reassembled the lamp correctly, painted it, coated with a clear, spray finish and then put it in the constantly-annoying dark corner in my living room. The silver paint is so bright that it brightens up the space even when it’s turned off, see?


But really, it’s most fantastic once it’s turned on.

Even with only one light on, the reflective pole and bevelled glass globes multiplies the light and spreads it further than you can imagine.

Lamp On

For the most part, I’m the only one with an outspoken opinion about my projects. So when I turned the lamp to show Kyle and he said “Oooh Cool.” (Yes, that is his excited voice.) I knew that I had really fixed the dark corner and created something that didn’t make him scratch his head.

I just love when function and form finally connect.


About Kristen Van Loon

My name is Kristen Van Loon and this is the chronicle of my search for *Oomf!* Not only have I deemed myself qualified to revamp, repair, refurnish and refine my house, but I also jump into any DIY project that my friends, co-workers, family and practical strangers stumble upon. I would love to tell you that this is my full-time job and my complete life mission, but I make my bread and butter elsewhere and raise a daughter (Olivia). I have some experience but no time, no formal training and no money. My only saving grace is that I love figuring things out, I’m great at improvising and I’m always inspired. For the record, some things that I do (play with electricity, for one) may seem risky, and some of them are. I will always tell you what I’ve done, but I won’t ever suggest things for you that aren’t safe. Even though I push the envelope, I am only marginally incompetent. If sources (father, my brain, Google) tell me not to do something then I usually won’t. But if I do try and it blows up in my face (figuratively or literally) you will hear all about it, and you hopefully won’t attempt it. At the end of the day, I hope to inspire you. Space-Lift isn’t just a blog, it’s a verb. It’s an action that brightens your surroundings by assaulting everything that needs improvement. Nothing is off limits, and all possibilities will be considered.

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  1. Nicely done! I think it looks great.

    xo, lizzie


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