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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Woodland Nursery

Amber is having a baby, Hooray! She wanted to take her soon-to-be-son’s nursery from classic (which is nice) to woodland (which is adorable!) She decided a cute cartoon tree was the way to do it, and I couldn’t agree more. Click here to see how to go from blank wall to happy in the woods!


Love them!


Price Check

A friend of mine mentioned today that she would love to totally makeover her bedroom but it just seems that the cost would be too high. And she is right, overhauling a room can be expensive… or not.

I’m able to keep my designs low-budget for three big reasons:

1) I love a relaxed, vintage-cottage vibe. I want to live in a place that feels like you’ve either just got in from a campfire or are about to go sit on the beach. Neither are true as far as location, but I’m gradually getting that affect. I don’t like stuffy, I’m not drawn to sleek and I like shiny in small doses. My relaxed taste allows me to be cheap.

2) I have a giving family. If they are done with an item that is in good condition, they see the value of it and will pass it along. Some will do it for sentimental reasons (like my aunt), others do it because they are sick of it (like my mom), and finally the rare case will need me to store it until they move back to town (my sister). I know not everyone has a family who rotates home decor items like a game of hot potato, but there is always SOME UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCE of which to advantage. As for me, my family allows me to be cheap.

3) The most important (and obvious) reason that I am able to keep costs low is MY INCOME. That’s not to say that I would buy a $17,000.00 armoire even if I COULD afford it (remember reason #1?) but I have to follow the cash flow. If I have $200 to spend on a desk, then I can’t fall in love (you know, true everlasting love) with one that costs $650…(unless I save, which doesn’t happen.) So, my non-negotiable budget allows me to be cheap.

Here’s a look-see into how all of these reasons come together to make MY bedroom.

Purple Bedside Table Link.

Blue Bedside Table Link.

Purple Tray Link.

Cheap Pillow Link.

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