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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Another Year Older

On December 30th, 1985, I was born. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am 27. At this point in time, I have no opinions about that number. Turning 23 was hard (if you can believe that nonsense) probably because I was pregnant and my hormones were way off balance, but I also knew that meant I wasn’t really a kid anymore. I was going to HAVE a child, plus I’d graduated college and gotten a corporate job. All my stats said I was no longer a kid or a “hip, wild adult.”

Well, 27 isn’t that jarring. I have no life occurrences that double as reality checks like I did when I was 23, so it’s just another number. I’m old enough to rent a car, too young to be president (because THAT’S gonna happen…) and I’m still shopping around for the right wrinkle cream.

To mark this inglorious occasion, I have compiled a list. These aren’t things that I’ve learned JUST this year, but design/style tidbits that I have collected throughout my life.

27 Things I’m glad I know

1) No matter how hard you wish, flat paint can never be turned glossy.

2) Using a temperamental product in bad conditions allows you to master a great product in perfect conditions.

3) Inlay (not to be confused with overlay): Wood or other materials which are set Inlayinto corresponding carved out recesses often creating a pattern.

4) If what you’re doing seems too easy, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

5) A stud finder will save you time and Spackle.

6) You can never have too many putty knives.

7) Case Piece: Furniture that provides interior space for storage.

8) Do what you want. No single style will be loved by all so it may as well be loved by you.

9) Research. Read. Get the right tools. Work hard. Follow these guidelines and every project/event/situation/goal will turn out better.

10) Safety glasses aren’t for wimps, they’re for people who value their eyes.

11) Read the instructions on every new tool. There are features and functions hidden everywhere.Tuxedo

12) Tuxedo Arms: Slightly flared arms that are the same height as the back.

13) Don’t freak out over paint. It’s the easiest thing to change and has the most impact.

14) Historically a credenza resembled a low dresser and a sideboard resembled a desk, but now the terms are practically interchangeable. A buffet, however, is always on wheels.

15) Take care of your tools.Diamond

16) Diamond Tufting: An arrangement of tufting buttons to yield a diamond shaped pattern on the back of an upholstered piece.

17) Even if it is freezing outside, open a window and get air flowing when using chemicals.

18) Fluorescent lighting- light created by stimulating radiation. Incandescent lighting- light created as a result of being heated. LED- (light emitting diode) Photons released due to electrons recombining with electron holes in the diode. Moral? Light by heat is always more romantic than light by science.

19) Nothing, new or old, will ever beat a piece of solid wood furniture. Veneers are overrated.

20) Mistints are not to be ignored. Your wallet will love you for it.

21) Less is more. And by that I mean Less Stuff is More Space. Err on the side of leg room.

22) Hang curtains above the window frame and avoid borders; the walls magically grow taller.Fiddle me this...!

23) Fiddleback: A chair back whose splat looks like a violin.

24) For furniture where wood meets wood, adhering felt pads are worth the $2 and 3 minutes.

25) Gateleg Table: A table that has drop leaves supported by a leg which swings outGateleg like a gate.

26) If you’re messing with wires, when in doubt, shut off power to the whole house. If you can’t find the right switch then there’s no other choice. If you can’t finish the job before the milk spoils and the ice cream melts then you should’ve called an electrician in the first place.

27) Remain open to new ideas and techniques. Nothing is worse than realizing you have ignored amazing concepts for no good reason.

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