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My First Video


I’ve decided to transcend mediums! Check out my very first youtube video! Just CLICK!


Clean Slate Plate

One of the biggest pet peeves about my house is my outlets and light switches. They are one of those tiny details that typically fall through the cracks but are a huge giveaway as to the age of a house. I know my house was built in 1964 (every contractor that insists on ANOTHER lead test is always a reminder) but I don’t need every outlet and fixture screaming “I’m retro and I know it” when I walk into a room. Paint

As you can see, previous owners also took a few liberties with paint (because slopping paint all over your outlet isn’t dangerous at all…that was sarcasm. Please don’t paint your outlets.)

I don’t hate the outlets enough to change the faces (yet) but I don’t exactly want to be reminded of a mess that I didn’t even have the privilege of making.

I found these awesome face plates at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and I bought about 90 of them (before remembering that only about 50% of my house has 3-prong outlets, but who’s counting?…Obviously not me.)


See? It covers the sins of the painters that came before! In your case, this is a quick and cheap fix that will allow your mind to worry about more pressing matters, like what to have for dinner, or how your March Madness situation is panning out.

In my instance, not even sweet new face plates can cover all of the sins of previous owners…

..because every outlet in my house is upside-down. Oh But that’s a mess for another day.

Misleading Shades of Gray

I was in the process of dolling up one of my less-than-adorable-but-with-a-little-paint-it-could-be-great thrift store finds. I bought two different silver paints (please don’t ask me why, I’m just a glutton for spray paint.)

This grayish paint that claimed to be metallic. 


And this paint with a lid so shiny that I’m pretty sure it could guide lost sailors to safety.Shiny

So I started to spray down my porcelain, pagoda-like pavilion and I noticed that even though the lid PROMISED me that I’d be able to see this sparkle from space, it was falling a little flat.


I’ve used metallic paint before and I’ve used gray paint before, I know what “silver” is suppose to look like. This looks like silver after a long night of drinking and hanging out with a seedy chick named Gil, this is not *Silver*.

I decided to outsmart that deceptive lid and I referred to my drab spray paint with hopes that I was not hallucinating during previous projects and that silver paint really can look silver.

Lo and Behold…

Silver like Whoa

It shines like a new  nickel straight from the U.S. Mint.

This is a 50/50 shot. As you can see the middle portion is still the misleading “metallic” paint, while the roof has a thin coat of what I understood to be “aspiring silver.” I sure was wrong.


Because Michigan is currently experiencing subarctic temperatures it will take this little puppy 8.5 weeks to dry, so I do not have a clear “before and after” yet. I just had to share my personal lesson for the day…

“When in doubt (or even when NOT in doubt), buy more spray paint.”

Thrift Store Finds and Oddities


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