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My Naked House

This is exactly how my house looked when I moved in. All furnishings and wallpaper in the photos were left by the previous owners so please don’t judge me by them. Living with them now is punishment enough.

Here’s the front of the house.

Can you see my house? It's under the leaves.

A front porch was included in the package.

I am legally obligated to move the mailbox... I'll get to it.


I hope you like Blue.


From the Entryway, go straight into The Family Room

I don't even know what to say about this room as it stands.

This is the Bathroom off the Family Room.

It's a little cramped.

This is the breakdown of the hallway off the Family Room.

To the right is a laundry space (It doesn't deserve to be called a room.)

To the left is the stairs up into the Kitchen.


And here’s some more Kitchen.

Lots of cabinets, lots of two-tone.

A shot of the pride and joy of the Kitchen.

It's a little on the yellow side, but it still works!

Dining Room

Dining Room merges into the Living Room.

This is the aforementioned Living Room

Yay! They left their wildlife in the window.

The Living Room also leads back to the Entryway

Upstairs houses the Master Bedroom and two smaller bedrooms.


Wall of Doors


My daughter’s Bedroom

It's a room, nothing too awesome....yet.


Guest Room..?

Again, it's just a room so far. A pink room.


I really just wanted to show the toilet seat and sophisticated shelving...(yep, that's sarcasm)


This is the hallway. It will be important that you know how this lookED.

Nothing special, just a hall.



Basement “Bedroom”

I will from now on out call this area My Workshop.


Hey, it may be boring, but it will get better.

Back Deck

I can't wait to get the hot tub going.



And finally, Random cabinet space (yes, even that will be changed)

How kind, they left us a new toilet seat.


So that’s what I’m working with. I know right now it’s nothing fantastic, but I just wanted everyone to know that I didn’t start with any kind of advantage. It may take 8 years and 3 nervous breakdowns (I already had one) but this space will reflect who I am and what makes me happy!


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