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Ashley’s Chairs

At this point, I practically have dining chair reupholstering down to a science. I’ve cut 25 minutes per chair off my time. From unscrewing the seat, tearing off old fabric and staples, recovering with fabric and many times also vinyl and finally to screwing the seat back on it takes about 35 minutes, whereas a few short months ago it use to take me an hour. My technique hasn’t changed at all since Danielle’s Chairs, but my time has gotten much better.

The hardest part of Ashley’s chairs was picking the fabric. I knew her style pretty well, but the fabric color was sort of eating at me. Her kitchen plans include a lot of blue and she wanted her chairs to follow suit. But many fabrics that include the dark blue that she liked just seemed a little too country. I also decided that blue was too plain, and she needed a kick of color. I took a chance and bought something that was basically nothing that we had decided, but good taste always seems to win because she loved them. Her blonde wood looks spectacular with the print!

Here they are beforehand. They’re very boring, which doesn’t coordinate at all with her or her husband’s personality.

BeforeThey aren’t dirty in the least, but she was concerned that her step-daughter wouldn’t allow that to be the case for much longer. Ashley saw the vinyl I used  on my chairs and Danielle’s, so she decided to jump on board. Good choice Ashley, because we all know with toddlers, white doesn’t stay white for long.

SingleThe recovering started at 11:15am and lasted until 1:45pm. For only 2.5 hours worth of work (they HAD to leave for Lansing by 4pm) I feel like I totally rocked it out, if I do say so myself.

Ashley's Chairs


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