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Lauren’s Breakfast Nook

Backless Bench


I Removed the seat and made certain to remove the shiny bracket and apply wood glue so as not to need the ghetto brace again.

I used stripper to eat through the finish. Once the gnarly goo was wiped off, I sanded the wood so it would be permeable to accept the whitewash. After the whitewash dried, I lacquered it and put it back on the bench.


Storage Benches

Both benches look similar. I removed the seats before I got started.

I filled all of the holes and cracks with filler and sanded them down.

I used spray primer and did my best to avoid the rail that I was going to leave natural.

I painted the bench with Arm and Hammer paint and then sanded on the rail that I wanted to keep natural (because I made just a FEW mistakes while painting.) Once the paint dried I used lacquer all over. Of course, once the lacquer dried I sanded and did a second coat, that’s my typical lacquer practice. Not many people will use brush on lacquer because it’s hard to apply and unpredictable, but it just always looks so much better than other finishes when I am done.

Next I whitewashed the storage seat lids. The wash was a 1 to 1 ratio and it just didn’t QUITE give the desired affect, so I did the “paint and wipe” technique that is typical of applying stain.

After the whitewash and lacquer dried on the top, I painted the bottom side with the same paint that I used for the rest of the piece. Of course, I lacquered that as well.

Then I attached the seats. DON’T FORGET THE DETAILS! Make sure to buy the sticky pads the cushion pieces of wood that repeatedly hit each other, like a storage bench or trunk.


Before. Not so shabby….ok, just a little shabby.

I skipped the stripping step on the table and went right to the sanding. This was not such a spectacular plan because not all of the finish was gone and it made it very hard to get watered-down paint to stick how I wanted. I had to do exponentially more coats on the table than I did on any other whitewashed part. I even had to thicken the paint to do it, ugh.

I whitewashed and lacquered this too. The table appears much more streaky in the picture because the light was crap, but regardless, this is how it looks in my dirty garage.

The whole famn damily!


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