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Missy’s Bed

Missy’s bed started as a king size water bed and transformed into a queen size platform bed, but this job wasn’t just cutting and pasting. It was sanding, sanding (and more sanding), priming, painting, cutting and drilling. Let’s take a look.

This is how she begin (yes, it’s a she) lonely, two-toned and stuck in the 80’s. Her poor drawers were handleless, chipped and falling apart.

Missy decided that she wanted the bed closer to the ground, so we decided to eliminate the top row of drawers and decided to just work with a total of six drawers instead of the original 12. I was very happy with that plan because that meant less work for me, Hooray!

I started by sanding all of the drawer faces and all of the other wood pieces that would be showing. This took roughly 10 hours, but I knew Missy wanted to have the wood stained and natural looking, so it just had to be done.

Once I finished all of the sanding, I received the phone call that rocked everything, I refer to it as “The Game Changer.” Missy decided she didn’t want a natural wood look any longer, she wanted a chic grey platform bed. I knew it would look amazing and was happy with the choice, but I really, REALLY wished she would have told me before I sanded. If I’d have known I probably wouldn’t have sanded at all, in fact I may not have even primed it! But I can’t change the past nor could I choke somebody through the phone, so I agreed that it would look better grey.

I chose to prime because I thought the natural would just soak up the paint and leave it looking dull. So I primed and spray painted the drawer faces and wood pieces. Then I cut. Missy was concerned about sharp edges because her son will start walking in the next seven months and wood isn’t very forgiving, so I had to make sure the frame was short enough that the mattress would be the first thing that he would bump into instead of the frame. I took the bed from a king down to a queen, so I knew that we needed to get the frame to 60×80.  The frame was very easy to adjust because the only cutting that really had to be done was to shorten the four removable boards in the middle of it, as well as half the plywood that the mattress sits on. Then I tacked the drawers back together and even put a couple of L brackets on some to make doubly sure they wouldn’t fall apart again.

Once the paint dried and the cutting was done I did a coat of polyurethane to ensure there were no paint gouges. Then I drilled holes and put on the desperately necessary knobs. Then came another coat of poly. Once everything was dry, Missy couldn’t wait any longer and took it upon herself to move the bed from the workshop to her house and assemble it with her husband. She said that it was extremely easy to put together and there were no hiccups. I was concerned about them putting it together because obviously I didn’t write a how-to manual, but the fact that they were able to flawlessly reconstruct it without my help reinforces the fact that my cuts were accurate enough that even someone who hadn’t seen the bed in weeks could put it together with ease.

And here it is today!




And I was left with nothing but two happy campers!

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  1. Jolaine Snyder

    What a great friend Missy has! I love the new bed! (Love the picture of my favorite daughter-in-law and grandson too)

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