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Rob’s Bookcase

This is probably the shortest Furniture-Lift tale that I will ever write. You see, Rob’s bookcase looked like this…

And basically he didn’t want it to look that way anymore. The end.

Just kidding.

Once I got it into my entryway (which is where I paint in the winter) I knew exactly what had to be done. First I primed it, painted the outside white and the inside a sea foam green color. It was looking pretty good, but it needed a little more detail, so I made a stencil.

After the stencil was cut out, I grabbed a pencil and got to work.

When the shape was stenciled onto bookcase, I decided that I absolutely didn’t want that whole shape to be painted. I wanted the side shapes to be an accent, not a freaking sideshow. So I decided to take the stencil and cut 1/2 inch off every side.

Then I placed the stencil inside of the shapes that were already drawn on the bookcase and traced. Once I was done I no longer had big, blocky shapes, but just 1/2 inch outlines of big, blocky shapes (which is much better.)

Then I painted, and painted, and painted.

Once the painting was done and all of the dust settled, all I had left was my creation to look in the eyes. (Then I realized somehow I’d drawn eyes on it and I had to paint over them…) But I was pleasantly surprised at what was staring back at me.

















I dressed the bookcase up with books and items more likely to be found in a living room, but I know he is planning to put it in his bedroom. I wanted it to be bright, but now blinding; interesting but not distracting. In a bedroom you want a statement piece to speak softly.


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  1. Kristen-this looks really cool! Beautiful job, they should love it.


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