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Sam’s Ottoman

Sam’s ottoman was looking a little droopy. The fabric was still in good condition, it’s just that the cushion looked like it had somehow deflated. I knew this little guy needed a bit more than new stuffing just due to the fact that a cushion doesn’t look funky unless something is awry underneath.

Son of a gun, it turns out I was right. There was only one piece of wood supporting the cushion, which is fine if you only put your feet on it, but who doesn’t occasionally sit on their foot stool? This ottoman was practically made to break.

I took off the legs and gently popped the fabric staples with a flat head screwdriver. Again, looking at the thin piece of broken wood it seems unreal that this thin piece of pine is essentially the keystone for this weight-bearing piece. I decided to replace the broken 1×1 with a 1×4 so the weight is distributed more evenly and still thin enough so the wood isn’t too heavy for the brackets.

Cutting the brackets down to size.

And by “brackets” I mean eight inch 1×1’s that I screwed to the inside walls with 4 drywall screws each….and a couple nails (those suckers aren’t going anywhere).

Installing the brackets.

Once the “brackets” were installed I wedged the 1×4 into place. When the ottoman is flipped over the middle piece of wood will be sitting on top of the 2 wooden brackets. Because the 1×4 was just barely a wringing fit, I didn’t find it necessary to attach it to the brackets because the tension will keep it in place.

I stapled the fabric back into place and did a quick polish of the knobs (you have no idea how many jokes were made about this) with wood restorer and screwed them back into place.

Finally I flipped the ottoman back over and did a quick, “once over” with the vacuum. Not only did I sit on the ottoman but I had Kyle sit on it with me making a combined weight of roughly 370lbs.

I did have to rearrange the cushion at the top a bit and slide it around on the inside of the fabric because it had been flattened for so long that the material actually got stretched in awkward areas.

Yeah, so maybe I had my head stuck in a 2ftx3ft box from 7:45pm to 10:30 pm last night, but solid structural integrity isn’t always easy to come by.


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  2. Photography by Ashlie Fitzpatrick.


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