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Feline Domesti-brass

Since me and my boyfriend of three years broke up I’ve had to do a bit of shuffling in my household dynamic, which includes getting a roommate! I didn’t want to just tuck her and all of her stuff away to her room, so we have hung her items and brought out her nicknacks so she feels at home.

But it’s really easy to see the flaws in your “stuff” once you bring them to a new environment…

Case in point; the brass kitty.

CatIt’s by no means ugly, but in your own apartment it’s easy to get use to how your old items looks– dirt and tarnish included. As a surprise I decided to shine-up this cute little family heirloom of Lisa’s.

How to Clean Icky Brass

Ew1. First I took drenched a cotton ball in regular white vinegar and scrubbed. I was seriously amazed at how much surface gunk the vinegar removed.

2. Next I lightly (SUPER DUPER LIGHTLY) scrubbed the brass with 000 steel wool. I wouldn’t recommend this for brass that is already fairly shinny because if there isn’t any dirt to scrub off then it just ends up scratching the brass. However, if yours is as worn as this cat then you’re safe to scrub, just do it mindfully.

3. This step is also controversial because in some cases it can mess up your brass. I soaked the cat in OxiClean for 5 minutes. OxiClean gets out stains but there is also the whole “rust factor.”


Just make sure not to leave your item in the solution too long and dry it thoroughly when you bring it out.

Brasso!4. The final step is to polish with a specialized cleaner. I used Brasso, but Grecian Gold works well also.

And the results?


OMG Now I just want to clean everything!!!


Vinegar Stinks, but It Sure Beats Rust

After I signed up for a Vendor Sale in Richland, MI for March 24th, I decided I need to get my act together to bring pieces to showcase (of course I get my act together AFTER I sign up, God knows I couldn’t have been proactive and started succeeding ahead of schedule.) So now it’s crunch time. I’m taking apart my furniture to restyle/restore, but I like to keep the original pieces intact. For the next few weeks I will come up with random ways to make something old and gross look (or at least seem) new again. They may not be pretty, and they may smell like 4 week old salad from a Chinese Buffet, but ¬†anything worth having always takes sacrifice…except winning the Lotto, that would be worth having.

I filled a cup with apple cider vinegar and dropped in my rusty junk.




After 2 hours of soaking they were looking pretty good.








And back into the soup for another 4 hours.

After soaking I rinsed under water and scrubbed a bit with a scouring pad. And ba-dah bing! They're looking pretty damn good.

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