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Face Forward



Displaying Art 101

On a Mantel

Gallery Style

On a Shelf

Solo Display

Varying Frames

Clever Rows

Background Color Pops



Laying Low


If nothing else, I hope you get out of this that there is no standard to displaying your art. All that matters is that you love what you see, if not, it’s only a matter of switching around a few nails in the wall (or 3M Command Strips) to make your pieces look like a masterpiece.

The wallpaper came a-tumbling down

I"ll just call this one a learning experience.

As quickly as it went up, the wallpaper came down. Well, not as quickly, but just as painstakingly long. 1.5 days to go up and 1.5 days to come down. The porn room was a great idea, but the room was too little. PLUS the color photos that I chose had an orange-red 70s style tint, which once completed left me totally limited as to what accessories could be put into the room. I couldn’t take it, no one puts baby in a corner, so I had to take it down. The room is *good now. I’ve done a significant amount of work in it, but it is still a bit “uuuh” ::shrug::. I painted the wall blue, which I like but the painting I put on it makes it feel a little “hotel sterile.” I am comfortable with it now because the “mystery room” is code for “room in waiting.” And what THAT means is that it will probably be a nursery in the next two years so I didn’t want to waste significant time and $$ on a room that will be covered with baby zoo animals and primary colors. My update is an improvement, but it’s not the fun room it could be if it weren’t already taken by someone who doesn’t yet exist.

Even with a darker paint, the room still looks brighter than it did with the light colored book pages. It's all about the *Oomf!*

Porn Room


It's fun and a little racy.

I have a room in my house that I didn’t really know what to do with. I didn’t want a permanent guest room and it was too far away from family areas for an office. So at this point I have decided to call it my porn room, but I’m sure it’s not what you’re thinking.

You see I use to have this book and I loved the pictures. I suppose they were sexy, but I just thought they were fun and light. But now, of course, I don’t really have the lifestyle any longer that calls for fun coffee table books and it’s not like I am going to just pull it out of the bookcase to casually thumb through it. So I decided that maybe I would just use it for the “mystery room.”

This works much better than I expected.


I picked-up some border adhesive because I didn’t think I would need that much (as of now I have to stop because I ran out.). But I got 3/4 of the wall finished before it was empty.

The pictures I chose were the ones that showed the very least. Most of them actually don’t show anything at all, but they’re silly and of course suggestive. You can do this same thing also, but obviously you don’t have to use a pin-up book. A bunch of Dr. Seuss books could wallpaper a wall in a toy room, or even a stack of regular old novels could cover a wall in an office.

I was concerned that the paper would wrinkle because I wasn’t using actual wallpaper.

It's coming along!

I did a couple test pages and left them for a few hours. Even though the pages wrinkled a bit as I was applying them to the wall, they straightened themselves out as they dried to the wall. At this point here is the wall.

It’s hard to tell with the lighting in the picture, but the wall is a bright apricot color. Even though the wall is pretty garish, I originally did it to tone down the color intensity, and it actually worked. Here are a few close-ups of the pictures that I pasted up.



























As you can see, there’s nothing here that would assault most peoples’ sensibilities. But again, you can do this with any book or pages, just make sure you aren’t going to want it back in book form in the next couple of years, because once you put it up there, you’ve sealed the deal (no pun intended….OK maybe it was a little intended).

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