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Face Forward



Lauren’s Breakfast Nook

I finished the five piece project! See all of the photos HERE!

Headboard from Scratch


Check out the step-by-step details


Caught in the Net

One of the pieces my aunt gave me was an adorable French Sofa Table reproduction.

A bit dusty..I say it’s a reproduction because I don’t believe it’s an antique. It was originally finished wood, but my aunt painted it black (and I don’t think she’d do that to an antique, but then again she might.)

No bottoms, ooooh lalaI removed the bottom tier of the table and primed it white. I wasn’t sure what color to go with so it sat around for a few days. By the time I had enough energy to tackle the labor and second round of brainstormning… well… I actually DIDN’T have enough energy for the brainstorming part. I wasted all my energy on the labor part and painted this little guy yellow. Ugh, I really don’t know what I was thinking. And not just normal yellow, Macaroni yellow–the yellow of your nightmares.

Not ProudAfter that minor debacle I decided to chill out on my nonsense and go to the paint isle of my friendly hardware store. Why? BECAUSE A WILD PAINT BENDER ALWAYS SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!! I woke up 3 days later…

Seriously though, I bought about $35 worth of paint, and in spray paint dollars that like $200. So, me and my 40 cans of spray paint sat around staring at each other until I just decided that I needed to be logical. A) I didn’t want anything light because I needed to maintain some weight in the room, so adios pastels. B) I wanted it to shine, so satin finishes were out. C) I love Krylon’s colors but I hate their paint consistency and watered down application with a bloody passion, so I stuck to off-brands to avoid Krylon’s mess-in-a-can and 1980’s chemistry that they are still making products with today. Finally, I arrived at good ol’ Navy Blue Gloss, F yeah!

Lookin' Good.I then painted the bottom tier pastel purple because a girl has gotta have a little pastel in her life, even if it’s not Easter. Plus, I knew the dark blue would calm it down so it wouldn’t look like a My Little Ponies party on the lower half.

BottomAfter the paint dried I covered it with Minwax WipeOn Poly Gloss. I have decided that I really can’t apply it with anything but a brush, and since it runs my bristle brushes through the wringer, I just use the cheap black sponge brushes that you can buy 6 for $1. All the rags that I try to apply the poly with always stick too much, and no matter how lint or fuzz free it seems, I always have fuzzies sticking to my piece, which leaves a gnarly mess to try to clean up. So I use my cheap-0 sponge brush and throw it away when I’m done because I am apparently wasteful and lazy, but the E.P.A. isn’t at my door so life is good.

My aunt had supplied me with the two cut glass pieces for the top of the table, but the bottom tier had nothing to fit inside. And instead of running ALL THE WAY to Harmon Glass which is like a million (less than two, actually) miles up the road, I decided to just wing it. Winging it led me to cheap rope. I super love when a cheap idea gets even cheaper!

I decided to weave the second tier instead of putting glass in it, sweet! However, my first attempt was less than fantastic.

Zig-ZagThe main problem with this is that it looks like an A.D.D. ape on acid did this. Ok Ok, that’s a bit harsh, but I will admit that the first time around I was trying to keep the rope in one piece. And I shouldn’t say “trying” because I did keep the rope in one piece. I was like seriously OCD about just bending it around staples and screws until finally I didn’t have enough rope to do straight lines and I had to zig-zag the bottom just to finish it. Classy.

Such a weirdo.I just wanted to add a real quick note (commenting on the below photo) whoever decided to package rope and yarn in that figure 8 pattern with the rope/yard belt in the middle is an inconsiderate S.O.B. I have wasted so much of my life untangling new packages of rope/yarn that I probably could have gotten a graduate degree in the collective hours I have spent. …but anyway…

JerksSo because I thought my first attempt at a bottom tier net looked like it was done by a blind spider on steroids, I took it apart and did it again. THIS TIME though, this time I took a tip from my screens and weaved cut pieces of rope through each other. The only thing I had to be cognizant of was to make sure that I left a good amount of slack in the long ropes because the more ropes you add to the weave, obviously the tighter it becomes…and it really sneaks up on you as it’s popping out of the staple when you’re only two weaves away from being finished. (That happened on my zig-zag attempt, not my second screen-grid attempt, but it still applies.)



Come closerI trimmed the long edges and flipped this guy back over because as much as I loved it, I had grown to hate it. But then I saw it, and as much as I’d grown to hate it, I loved it again.

I like itI’ll admit that the spacing isn’t perfect and it’s a little on the wavy side, but it is so much freakin’ better than my zig-zags that it makes me feel like Picasso.

HiIf I’m going to be realistic, I’ll tell you that I know I will have useless stuff like birthday cards and princess books sitting on here. I know Kyle will put his autographed baseballs on here by somehow insisting that the blue on top means “Detroit Tigers.” Yes, it will have dirty plates, cup rings and fingerprints on the glass…


But for right now, it’s perfect.

I’ve Been Framed!

Actually, that’s a lie, I haven’t been framed– I did it!

What did I do? Well I made a drab painting in my house look like it went through a Rainbow Bright Sparkle Bath. …I’ll show you what I mean…

This is a *slightly” older picture (I’ve updated the light since this was taken) but you get the gist of this flower picture, right? The picture itself isn’t awful, but the frame is so dark that it looks like an ogrish waste of wood. So I ripped the backing off the frame, pried up the staples and took out the picture and matting.

I decided that I wanted to update the frame, but I didn’t want to bust into a new can of spray paint. First I tried to finish up my yellow…but I didn’t get more than 5 sprays until it petered out on me. Then I tried to finish my light blue, but that yielded the same results.

BUT FINALLY! My light green saved the day! I was able to cover the whole frame and even have some paint to spare. Also (as per usual) I had the sudden urge to throw glitter at the wet paint. And then I decided to accent small areas of the picture itself with glitter (Yeah, that’s where the sparkle bath comes in)..

But this is what came of it…

As you can see, the space looks quite a bit happier. I mean, I will be the first to admit that this was a cheap shot and it looks like a couple sorority chicks did this while they were wasted, but I feel like every room is entitled to at least one item with that description.

Even when I closed the curtains and shut off the spotlight (like I did in this picture to the left) it is still brighter than the ogre that it once was.

The Modern 80’s

Hello, 80's!

There are several things I didn’t like about my dining room light. The bright gold chain and details, the tinted glass panels and the burnt orange glow it cast on everything. I knew I wanted to change it, but because I’m still playing with my options, I didn’t want to spend money. Well, if I know anything, it’s how to make something look good/neat/unique/fun/interesting without spending much dough.

First, I gathered my supplies; spray glue, the glass panels, scissors and various fabrics.


Next I sprayed the glue onto one side of the glass panel and then plopped the glass on a piece of fabric. I experimented a bit and discovered that with thinner fabrics (cotton, polyester blends, lycra or spandex blends) it doesn’t matter if you use the front or the back of fabric, which made things easier for me because I kept forgetting what direction I wanted the glass facing.

After I smoothed out the wrinkles and let the glue dry about 4 minutes, I trimmed the fabric around the sides.

Trimmy Trim trim

Next I got SUPER high-tech and used a fat nail to punch a hole where the glass hooks to the chandelier.

Nailed It!

Once I had finished glueing, cutting and punching, I hung the glass up with the fabric part on the inside and the glass on the outside. I liked the idea of looking through the tinted glass to see the fabric because it gave a similar tint to material that (in some cases) didn’t have anything in common and would typically clash.

VOILA! A brand new light was born!


I like it.


Silver Success

You know what I love about silver paint? I love that you can get about 30 different projects completed with just one spray can. You don’t have to use much because it reflects light and makes it seem as though you don’t have as many patchy spots as you can see with colors. I’m not gaga for silver, but I AM gaga for a good deal, and what’s a better deal than crossing a project of your list with leftovers from another project? Nothing, no better deal exists. …unless you didn’t have to buy the spray paint at all, then I suppose that’s a better deal….


Here is my lamp. My flat, brown, ordinary lamp. It has a nice shape, but it is lacking in the *Oomf* department.

Naked Lamp

This is the lamp in question, however you may recognize it more in its natural surroundings.

I have been doing everything in my power to lighten up my living room…And by “everything in my power” I really mean “small stuff that has yet to add up to anything substantial.” But the great thing about home decor is that it is accumulative. You know, the whole slow and steady wins the race and whatnot, right? At this rate, I will have a lighter living room by 2016, so I really better step up my game.

Living Room

Regardless of my overall picture for my living room, right now I must make do with what I have in regards to items, space, money and time. And at this very moment I have little space, lots of stuff, some money and no time. Sounds like a recipe for a gripping Lifetime Movie starring child star Valerie Bertinelli….Man, I get really off track, huh?



I seriously did nothing fantastic to this. I taped off the socket area, DIDN’T use primer, sprayed one coat of silver spray paint then sprayed finisher.

The frustrating thing about this finisher is that it takes the metallic shine out of the silver paint. It leaves the silver looking almost like a super-shiny grey. Even though this is a gloss, it still isn’t a metallic* gloss. I’m thinking a light coat of polyurethane may not have had the same affect, but I haven’t tried it yet…so stay tuned.

As far as the living room goes, I plan to still update the side tables (as you can see, they are the darkest brown in nature) as well as bust some bright curtains up on these windows.

I swear, this place will not feel like a dungeon forever!

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