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Storage Bench Snack

This little beauty was dropped off at my house at random, and it sure needed some love.

The back corners were pretty damaged because, what dog doesn’t love a good wooden snack?

I was able to rebuild one corner with wood filler and some sanding…

Wood Filler



The other side was SOOOO rough that I decided to just cut the whole thing off. I really like the metal accent bars, so to maintain continuity I cut the other side apart, glued on legs and screwed it back where it use to be.

All apart

I had to sand down the sides where I cut because they were a little choppy. Then I stained all the light wood and wood filler. Finally I used glossy polyurethane to make it shine shine shine.

Sandy Sand Sand


Once the wood parts were finished it was time to move on to the bench. I took off the old upholstery and put down new cotton and fabric. I didn’t have any thick padding on hand so I literally pieced together pieces of batting (because I am way to cheap and lazy to go to the store.)


And the results…





Good thing cats don’t chew on wood… do they?


16 Minute Upholstery: A Video



Oooh lala


Need a quick step-by-step for a reupholstery job? Or even better, need a quick laugh at my expense? Check out the latest VIDEO!

The Table has Turned

My eat-in-kitchen needed a little love. The chairs themselves weren’t in bad shape, but the fabric on my cushion had seen better days. PLUS they didn’t really coordinate with my new kitchen….or each other….or quite honestly anything that has ever existed, ever.

As you can see, we do a lot of projects on this table, but somehow the chairs seem to get the brunt of the damage. But the table doesn’t come out unscathed either.

My first plan was to recover my chairs in different fabrics that coordinated. Then I put my signature vinyl over the top so paint (and food) stains won’t stick around for long. However, I had to do something about the table. I love the look of the wood, but paint, applesauces, glue (and many other substances) always get stuck in the grooves, making it next to impossible to clean completely. So I used the same resin treatment as I used on my side table, (skipping the paint step) and spread it all over the table top.

And this is what happened.

As you can see the table surface is quite a but shinier than before.

*No flooring was hurt in the making of this update.

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